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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Upcoming Movies That Will Make Your Life Better

Whomever said that there's never anything good being made in Hollywood is extremely short-sighted in their view of what movies are actually being produced. They seem to think that the only thing actors / producers / directors / writers put out in theatres is crap like the next Scary Movie film. On the flip-side, when a great movie comes out that makes you challenge your viewpoint of what you are doin with your life, what your country is doing, what other countries are doing - or attempts to shatter conventional wisdom in any way - it's labeled as Anti-American or sympathetic to Anti-American interests. But there's another group of films, ones that ignored all together because they don't fit into the "blockbuster" mentality of each theatrical season. Though a few in the lest below may be labled as "blockbusters" they are more important than the lates mindless action flick that Micheal Bay or Roland Emmerich is working on.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons





The Dark Knight

The Wackness

Mother Of Tears

Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The Spirit : My City Sleeps

War Inc.

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