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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Conservapedia : The Right-Wing Version of Wikipedia

Karl Rove once told a democratic strategists. "you're allowed to your math, and I'm allowed to THE math." That's pretty much the idea behind Conservapedia, a website that is the 'conservative' alternative to Wikipedia. Apparently it's far too liberally biased and unfit for use as a scholastic learning tool, so Conservapedia was born.

Does the truth have a 'liberal bias'?

On the Conservapedia page, you'll find its rules and guidelines for usage and editing of it entries - what it calls it's "commandments":

Everything you post must be true and verifiable. Do not copy from Wikipedia or elsewhere unless it was your original work.

Always cite and give credit to your sources, even if in the public domain.

Edits/new pages must be family-friendly, clean, concise, and without gossip or foul language.

When referencing dates based on the approximate birth of Jesus, give appropriate credit for the basis of the date (B.C. or A.D.). "BCE" and "CE" are unacceptable substitutes because they deny the historical basis. See CE.

Do not post personal opinion on an encyclopedia entry. Opinions can be posted on Talk:pages or on debate or discussion pages. Advertisements are prohibited.
The operation of unauthorized wiki-bots is prohibited.

Unproductive activity, such as 90% talk page edits and only 10% quality edits to Conservapedia articles, may result in blocking of the account. See the Guidelines for more detail.

Edits which violate these rules will be deleted. Users who violate the rules repeatedly will be blocked. Administrators have discretion to act on matters not specifically mentioned here, such as vandalism and sockpuppets.

Going back the 'the math' statment and how it related to Conservapedia, let's see if they hold true to their own "commandments" in their entry on Barack Obama- one of their more popular search results listed.

Here's the list of 'opinion' statements in relation to him:

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (b. Honolulu, August 4, 1961) is the presumptive 2008 nominee of the Democratic Party for president.[1] Obama has served as a freshman Democratic Senator from Illinois for three and a half years. In 2007,Obama was the most liberal Senator.[2] If elected, Obama would be the first Affirmative Action President.

Yes, Obama was born in Hawaii, and he's Democratic and from Illinois, but how can you prove - unequivically - that's he's the most liberal. More-so than that, claiming that he would only become President through Affirmative Action is not just opinion, but patently ridiculous.

They can't even get through one paragraph without injecting opinion and absurdity into - what they are billing as - a teaching tool for children.

Obama claimed to have visited 57 states while campaigning for president of the United States, which of course has only 50 states.[3] .[4]
He could never explain where the false number of 57 came from, but it has been observed that there are 57 Islamic states and Obama was educated at an Islamic grade school while he lived in an Islamic country

Here's mistake #1. There are only 56 Islamic states. True, they were only off by 1, but you see my point.

And it just gets better:

Obama has declared himself to be a Christian, yet never replaced his Muslim name with a Christian one as many do,[5] casting doubt on his politically self-serving claim

Obama wore an American flag lapel pin after 9/11, but later stopped wearing it without adequate explanation.[14] Presumably it would have hurt him with anti-military campaign donors.[15] Recently, he has begun wearing one again, for explained reasons, though it is likely a political pander.

It just goes on and on. But, what did you expect from reactionary, uber-religious, paranoid-delusionals who claim they can teach childrem better than anyone else.

Some of the more searched items on Conservapedia are:


Holywood Values

Professor Values

and Global Warming

The reality of Conservapedia is made all the more frieghtening when you start to realize that many children in America are taught from sources like this. They are instilled with bias, hatred, and fear. They are literally robbed of an individuality for the sake of continuing an ideological cause that approves of segregation, removing the American tennant of freedom of choice, relegates women to nothing more than subserviant beasts, treats homosexuals as abominations ( even though they claim that God has a plan for everyone and "knows" everyone before they are born ), and favors indoctrination over education.

Conservapedia is a literal window into the soul of the religious-right in America and how they plan on desteroying information and our children.

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