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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So Now I Guess All Republicans Have PhDs In Economics?

Have you noticed that the closer the election gets, the deeper and more detailed the resumes of the conservative-right get?

What I mean is, there are a lot - I mean a LOT - of people talking about topics that are leaps and bounds above, not only their pay scale, but their intellectual capacity. Of course, you may see this as nothing more than a slight against them - calling them dumb - but do you really want to take your foreign policy advice from a person who's primary foriegn-relations experience is - allegedly - sex tourism?

Better yet, how about economic advice from someone who used to review movies and ruined to ending to Million Dollar Baby for those ignorant enough to pay attention to him?

Well, Micheal Medved has got some sobering financial news for you. Well, that is if you would prefer to have grand generaliztions on the tax code be thrown at you. Oh, and if you make more than $250,000 then this applies to you. Because, as we all know, a fair tax just wouldn'tbe fair, it would be Socialist Economics.

You know, when I hear people like Medved, or Sean Hannity, or Bill O'Reilly lambast any fair taxation system as socialistic 'income redistribution I want to ask them - where do you think your tax dollars go now? How do you think that Social Security has stayed in place for decades? What about Medicare?

I mean, I'm not an economist by any stretch of the imagination, but I know when I'm being mislead or outright lied to.

People in the conservative movement claim that a 'fair' taxation system punishes the 'successful'. How is it punishing anyone to maintain Social Security? The people that are railing against this the most are the ones that are going to start collecting Social Security in the next 10 years ( maybe sooner ). They are putting into a medical system that will hopefully benefit them when they reach the age where they can draw from Medicare.

The only thing that makes all these predictable ramblings horrifying, is that people take them as fact, and not the fear-mongering, opinion-laced, conjecture that it truly is.

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