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Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Mix Ready for Download : First In Over 2 Years

I'm kind of "particular" when it comes to my music. Some would call me a music-snob, or just a shade "elitist" when it comes to playing or listening to something. I'll be the firs to admit that I have pretty strong opinions when it comes to music. Having studied various forms of music - for as long as I can remember - I have concluded that there is far too much crap out there that people consider "good" music. But, I'm getting off track here.

The following mix is my first for 2008 ( and the first one i've been more than pleased with almost 3 years ). Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

The inspiration for this came from several places. The two most notable would have to be listening to John Digweed ( my favorite DJ for the past 10+ years ), a love of dark music, and the film The Ninth Gate ( directed by Roman Polanski ).

Click to download : The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows


Deeper In Zen - Mystic Atmospheres
Robert Babicz - Basic ( DML Mix )
Gregor Tresher - A Thousand Nights ( Dubfire Dub )
Pig & Dan - Mr. Bannofler
Oliver Hunteman - Paris
The Touch - Heart of the City ( Pig & Dan mix )
Smith & Selway - Total Departure ( Cirez Mix )
King Unique - Hinode ( Fergie Mix )
Ido Ophir - Snorkel ( Dousk Mix )
Popof - My Toys
Workidz - Washmachine
Kingbastard - Cavedweler

Length : 1hr6min11sec

2008 phourdythreamusic

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