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Friday, June 20, 2008

Kanye West Hates White Hippies

This past weekend, I attended the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.

Now, you're probably familiar by now with the Kanye West incident where he was 2 hours late for his performance time and he played less than 1 hour.

True, at one point in is life, Kanye may have been a valid musical force. But, when you become nothing more than a commercialized, MTV-moulded, automatron, you tend to not really care what people think.

What's even worse are the people who claim to be fans of this guy. They just don't seem to get it that he's been marginalized for years and has lost all traces of his original innovative self.

The discussion started long before the magazines or blogs got a hold of it. Chants of "Kanye Sucks" could be heard from across the main field, where Bonnaroo's massive mistake in festival headliner took the stage 2 hours after he was scheduled to perform.

But, the story really doesn't start there.

It begins with Kanye allegedly being upset that he was playing on the second stage, at 845pm, and that there were other artists performing at the same time he would be.

For Shame!!!!

Upon arriving into the Centeroo area, people noticed that signs had already been placed near the main stage area stating that Kanye West would be playing at 245am on Saturday. This still sort of made sense, as West's stage performance was 'glow-in-the-dark'.

The discussions started from the very first day. Was Kanye already complaining? What would his set be like? Would he really play at 245am?

The discussion of Kanye's performance ( or lack there-of ) got a little heated. It's hillarious and sad all at the same time to read the misguided thoughts of people that worship at the feet of a seething douche like Kanye.

However, there's a video that shows what really went on backstage, that no one saw ----

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