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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another New Mix Is Available

This week's mix is a little more diverse, a bit more "all over the map" in a sense - hense the title of the mix. I'm pleased with it, though I always end up telling myself I can do better. The influences for this mix came from varrying places. Several books that I'm reading played a part, as well as John Digweed's Global Underground : Hong Kong discs.

As always, play often and play loud.


Sara Galli - Bamba
DJ Fex - Runway
Tony Rohr - Hold Tight
Megatonic Boys - America ( Veerus & Maxine Divine Mix )
Chelonis R. Jones - Deer In The Headlights ( Radioslave Mix )
Spicelab - Re : Start
Jurge Pappe - Nord
Zoo Brazil - Crysis
Fergie - Anon

Running Time : 00:51:32

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