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Monday, June 23, 2008

High Gas Prices and Music : Bet You Haven't Thought About This

When we think about how high gas prices effect the things we buy, we start to get that sinking, sickly feeling in our gullet. Milk goes up, cheese goes up, vegetables, canned-food, snack-crackers, EVERYTHING.

But, what about how high gas prices effect our 'entertainment'?

When you're a major band embarking on a major tour, you might have some ways to compensate. Increase ticket prices, play at fewer venues, scale down your stage-setup so you don't have to use as many touring vehicles. But, when you're a small band - just starting out - you really don't have that many options.

SAN FRANCISCO - Steven Garcia pulled into a Houston gas station recently to fill up the old Dodge van his punk band uses on summer tours.

For months, the 23-year-old singer-guitarist had been budgeting money and booking show dates for Something Fierce’s third tour — but skyrocketing gas prices have put the brakes on those plans.

“Once I ran the numbers it was a ‘There’s no (expletive) way’ kind of moment,” Garcia said. After much hand-wringing and grumbling from bookers who’d scheduled the band to play, Garcia canceled the tour.

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