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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do Higher Ratings = Accurate / Honest Reporting? Of Course They Don't. Just Don't Tell O'Reilly That

A recent ad produced by Fox"News" aims to inflate the already over-stuffed ego of Bill O'Reilly.

The ad joyously boasts:

At 8PM, cable news shows have come and gone, but only one has been #1 for 90 consecutive months: The O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly"

Fox"News" loves to tout themselves as "fair and balanced" - not giving one side more positive coverage over another. But, O'Reilly seems to take this to another level. His excessive hubris and self-diefication will surely be his undoing one day ( Andrea Mackris almost accomplished this ). He honestly believes that he opperates a 'no spin' zone, where facts are presented and opinion and conjecture are left out.

O'Reilly derives his power from a show that sensationalizes almost everything. He claims that he is 'looking out for you' and that he always has the well-being of children in mind. However, that wasn't the case at all when O'Reilly decided to see how far his cloven-hoof could fit into his mouth when dicussing the Sean Hornbeck kidnapping.

But this is all old news. The only people that honestly care about what O'Reilly has to say are O'Reilly and those in the 70+ demographic that just enjoy the noise of the television while they are sipping their second can of Ensure.

You may find yourself saying, "well, you seem to care what he says."

You are only partially right.

If Bill is going to try and present himself as hosting an honest, accurate, and fair program - and he doesn't - he should be called out on it. If he's just rambling on and on about his ratings somehow validate his skewed reasoning, then he's definately getting called out for it.

His show is a mixture of a violent car wreck and that scene in Pink Flamingos where Divine eats the dog shit. You know it really doesn't have any inherant value and won't enrich yoru life, but you just can't help but stare.

For years, O'Reilly has had it in for Kieth Olbermann and his show Countdown. Kieth has one major thing going for him - Countdown recently overtook The Factor in the key demographic. That's what advertisers want, people in the 25-54 age range watching television, and they know what programs they are watching.

So, we'll let O'Reilly have his little fantasy that he's actually relevant, for now.

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