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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Further Proof That Rush Limbaugh Is A Douchebag

Many people my age can clearly remember the first time they heard Rush Limbaugh in the early 90's. Anyone remember his television show?

Anyone with even a partially functioning brainstem knows that Limbaugh - the Grand Dragon of conservative-talk-radio - is a seething lump of hatred ready to pounce against anything that he feels threatens his sociopathis way of life. As easy as it would be to call him a racist, a bigot, or even a misogynistic choad. I'm not even sure that racists, bigots, and misogynists would even want to be listed in the same company with me. The larger point is, Rush is quite good at riding that razor-thin edge to where he just might be able to defend his statements if called-out for who he really is.

The latest case of Rush showing the true nature of his soul - or lack thereof - came in the form of a comment about the flooding in the midwest. Guess what subject came up?

click to play Rush's idiotic rant

H/T to Crooks And Liars for giving this coverage:

It would seem that the images of floating bodies, and documented stories of elderly New Orleans residents drowning in their attics is cold hard facts surrounding humans that Rush Limbaugh thinks could have benefited by just pulling themselves up by their bootstraps a little more. Nevermind that more than 1700 human beings lost their lives on live television as America watched in horror. You don’t hear progressives saying that Iowa is any less devastating because the death toll in those floods was a total of 5. It is still a tragedy. And progressives understand that full well.

But according to Rush the story of Iowa under water isn’t a story about humans over coming adversity. It’s a story about how much more patriotic the white bread basket is than the lazy south.

Of course, this is only one of several examples of Limbaugh being the wretched mound of flesh that he is.

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