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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Reading Suggestions : Brotherood of the Diappearing Pants

If you're a political junkie - as I've found myself becoming more and more over the last few years - you've either got your favorite satirical author(s) or your still trying to find them. Al Franken is great, but there's just something missing from his work. Not to demphasize what he has done and continues to do, but I guess Al's just starting to get a little predictable. Right now my two favoirte authors are Joseph Minton Amann and Tom Breuer, authors of -

Here's a brief synopsis.

In the months prior to the 2006 midterm elections, a series of scandals rocked the Republican Party, which helped set the stage for the vigorous undressing that the GOP ultimately received at the hands of Nancy Pelosi and company. Along with the President's own feckless foreign policy, this guilt-by-association helped turn a tsunami tide of public sentiment against the administration and its party. The party was undoubtedly hurt most (at least as far as scandals are concerned) by Congressman Mark Foley's tireless efforts both to establish a national child predator database and to keep his own name off of it. Foley managed to drown an already foundering party — proving for the umpteenth time that when it comes to politics, there's nothing that the public remembers and reacts to quite like a lurid sex scandal. But while Foley's prominence thrust the story into the media spotlight, his is just the tip of a very large, very phallic iceberg. Indeed, there's far more to the conservative creep-fest than the high-profile Foley scandal, Clarence Thomas's Dadaistic come-ons, and Bill O'Reilly's many chickpea-related indiscretions. It's enough, at least, to fill a book.

I just started this book last night and I'm certain I will have it completed tonight.

In an era where far too many people take themselves far too seriously, it's nice to have author's like Amann and Breuer to cut through all the self-agrandization and bullshit in order to put things into perspective.

They are also the authors of:

Fair and Balanced My Ass

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly

and they both run Sweet Jesus I hate Bill O'

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