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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Wort Person In The World

I've been a fan of Keith Olbermann since his days at Sportcenter. He and Chris Berman provided me with not only sports highlights, but laughs as well.

His show Countdown on MSNBC has been part of my nightly routine for as long as it's been on. This is in part due to Keith's particular style of presentation, his ability to present an issue in more of a straight-forward manner than others on in his timeslot, and that wit, sarcasm, and satirical flare that he commanded while at ESPN.

Sure, he has his detractors - and there are many. But if there is one thing that these people don't have, it is the ability to at least pretend that they are human.

Olbermann has a segement that appears in the last quarter of the show called "The Worst Persons In The World". If there is no other reason that anyone should watch the show, this should be it. Of course, Keith himself has addressed the fact that there are far worse people in the world than those he points out each night. The purpose of the segment is to, in essence, hold those accountable for the idiotic things that they either say or do. His book, of the same title, addresses this fact better than I can.

So, each day i'll present the previous night's Top 3 here for your enjoyment.

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