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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Further Proof That Being A Lying, Racist, Drug-Offender Is A Great Job To Have

The NY Times will run a story this Sunday

From The Huffington Post

With an estimated 14 million listeners (Limbaugh claims it's more like 20 million), he's far and away the top-rated radio talk-show host in America. That's partisan radio talk-show host — and he has no intention of being left out of this election. He already created big waves, first by publicly dissing John McCain and then by encouraging Republicans to mix into the democratic primaries and vote for Hillary Clinton and keep the Democratic nomination battle in play, in what he called "Operation Chaos." Both Karl Rove and John Kerry gave it credit for having had an effect.

It is truly amazing that corporations are so willing hand out money to people like Limbaugh, or Hannity, or O'Reilly, Ingraham, Savage, et al. Of course, there is freedom of speech within this country. But, does that freedom include the mass-communication of hate-speech? When one thinks about it, that is was conservative talk-radio has become. Perhaps it was all along.

Limbaugh makes a living off of his hatred of people. Don Imus lost his job for doing only a fraction of what Limbaugh does virtually every day.

And who supports people like Rush?

Clear Channel.

Limbaugh has jump-started several careers - like Sean Hannity and Mark Steyn - further proving that hatred and the conservative ideology not only sells, but it a profitable job market.

The only question that remains, is what will it take to stop Rush Limbaugh? What will it take for the American public to realize that he isn't all powerful, all knowing, he doesn't hold the keys to some mystic kingdom that will shower riches and pleasures upon the conservative masses.

Rush is only in this for himself. Not his listeners, not his family, not his country. He is - at this time in history - the purest form of ideological evil that is allowed to exist on public airwaves.

Why are people who drop out of college, espouse racism, lies, tampering with elections, misogyny, advocate violence, and are unapologetic drug abusers rewarded with money, a platform to preach from, houses, and a Gulfstream G550?

If I could answer that, I would probably be better off than I am right now.

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