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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sudden Concern Over Sunday

My entire life, it has bothered me that most "Christians" equate attendance at a local church every Sunday is more important than actually "being Christian". They seem more concerned with being seen in church than going out an helping their fellow man.

Not suprisingly, members of the media whom equate themself with or identify with the Religious-Right will express "concern" over a particular issue, using their "faith" as a weapon.

Priscilla at Newshounds takes note of a piece that Brit Hume did during his "Grapevine" section on Fox"News"

Brit Hume, who is leaving Fox News to “follow his Christian faith,” (talking about your “piety” scores mucho points with the church crowd), teased the segment with this comment: “President-Elect Obama Is Not Spending His Sundays Where Many of His Predecessors Have.” (Comment: What? He’s not “on the links” like his predecessor?) The chyron for the lead off “Grapevine” was “fit or faithful?” (Comment: I guess you can’t be both). Faith, for Hume, is connected to a church building and the accompanying graphic was a photo of Obama beside a pair of sneakers superimposed against a backdrop photo of a church. Hume noted that Obama, despite having been seen dropping off his daughters at school and taking his wife out to dinner, hasn’t been seen in a church.

Considering the ease with which talking-points are distributed from the initial "memo", to the anchor, the pundit, the magazine, the website, and then on to the public, it seems to me that this is going to be somewhat of a theme - though perhaps not a primary one - over the next 4 years.

Here is where I think Hume, and those poised to use this non-story as well, is making a mistake. Throughout the primaries, Fox and conservatives around the country used Jeremiah Wright to attack Barack Obama. The outcome was not what they were hoping. So, the question stands, why do they think it will be different now?

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