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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Informational Concern

It seems that Barack Obama's desire to not have information spoon-fed to him through various channels troubles certain people.

Michelle Malkin is one of these.

Barack Obama has expressed a desire to keep his Blackberry:

Obama said he was concerned that the isolated life of a president would limit his access to information from outside the bubble of the White House.

Throughout the campaign, Obama was often seen communicating to staff members via his BlackBerry, a convenience the president-elect may legally have to forgo, and one which he indicated he was negotiating to keep

For national security purposes, a president is limited in his electronic correspondences for fear of hacking. Additionally, presidential communications are strictly monitored and archived for historical purposes.

More here from ABC News.

Whereas many Presidents ( W. is a prime example ) live in the White-House-Bubble with such ease, it is apparent that Barck Obama is attempting to not be caught in that same trap. The ability to stay connected not only with your family and friends, but your country, is one of the ways that Obama is hoping to be more mindful of the needs of the average American.

Malkin heads toward full-tilt paranoia and drops the "who will Obama be talking to?" schtick.

This is nothing more than derivative of the "guilt by association" meme that will continue to be used against Obama. Who does he talk to? What are these people like? Is he using "anti-American" rhetoric? You get the point.

Malkin's laughable complaints about those that pointed out Sarah Palin's personal Yahoo account was being used for state business aside, it seems that she isn't willing to come to grips with the fact that the people who have lead our country in recent years have become incereasingly disconnected with their constituancy. So disconnect, in fact, that we end up with policy that benefits that few rather than the many.

From my perspective, I don't want a President that can't see past his "handlers" and loses sight of what is happening to this nation. I want my President to have all the information he needs.

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