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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Too Many Kicks To The Head

Ever since Chuck Norris was courted by Mike Huckabee, he seems to think that he has the answers for just about anything. And, since Prop 8 is such the hot-button issue, Norris feels comfortable chiming in:

The truth is that the great majority of Prop. 8 advocates are not bigots or hatemongers. They are American citizens who are following 5,000 years of human history and the belief of every major people and religion: Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. Their pro-Prop. 8 votes weren't intended to deprive any group of its rights; they were safeguarding their honest convictions regarding the boundaries of marriage.

More here.

The only problem with this line of thinking, is that strick interpretation of the bible paints you into a corner. There is context within the bible that no one seems to be willing to face.

Take the word "abomination" for example. When reference with sex between two men or two women, it is only speaking of the "norms" of that date and time. Of course, the eating of pork was seen in the same light as two men sucking each other off. So, when taking this into account, how can people that claim to interpret the bible in such literal terms speak with a straight face.

But, to assume that people such as Chuck Norris have the intellectual capacity to realize that they are wrong in how they interpret the bible is, in and of itself, an exercise in futility.

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