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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is This Guy Angling For Micheal Savage's Job?

Much in the same way that John Gibson claimed that "whites" need to "make more babies" in order to prevent the disappearance of the "white race"...... seems that Jim Quinn is taking over the notion that not only the white race is in danger, but that our very nation is at risk of being taken over:

Media Matters has more regarding not only Quinn's unsubstantiated fears surrounding groups like La Raza, but those of Michelle Malkin and G. Gordon Liddy as well:

...the National Council of La Raza, MALDEF and MEChA are U.S.-based civil rights and social justice organizations. Media Matters for America has repeatedly documented instances of conservative commentators, including radio host G. Gordon Liddy, columnist Michelle Malkin, and MSNBC political analyst Pat Buchanan, claiming that immigrants subscribe to a "Reconquista" philosophy aimed at recapturing the Southwestern United States for Mexico. "Reconquista" is a term associated with El Plan Espiritual de Aztlán, a document drafted in the early formation of MEChA, a group with affiliates at numerous college campuses and several high schools that "promotes higher education, cultura, and historia."

It's interesting to hear people like Quinn cry out that they are losing their cultural identity when, in point of fact, it is people like him that are demanding that Hispanics ( and apparently all that wish to come to America ) lose their cultural identity if they wish to stay here.

But i'm wondering, is the whine and cry going to be directed at ALL hispanics, not just illegals? Is the complaint being shifted? Are people like Quinn afraid that more immigrants are going to become "legal" citizens? And why is it only the Hispanics that are being singled out? The questions abound.

And does Quinn honestly think that these 70+ year olds are going to be banging women 50 years younger than them? Talk about a way to really stretch your xenophobia to new, more pathetic levels.

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