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Friday, November 21, 2008

Fuel Economy Will Destroy Us All

What do you get when you put Mitt Romney, Sean Hannity, and William Kristol in a room with fresh talking-poinst about regulation, fuel economy, and the "Big 3" auto manufacturers?

So, then, explain how foreign car manufacturers can flourish.
Yeah, that's right Sean, I brought out the "other-countries-can-do-it-so-why-can't-we" bit.

Also, considering that European auto makers follow standards much stricter than CAFE her in America and still beat the "Big 3" hand-over-fist, it isn't hard to see that Hannity, Kristol, and Mitt's logic doesn't hold up.

The technology exists. However, people like Mitt, Hannity, and Kristol have so much of their vocabulary - so much of their lives - invested into the "regulation is bad" speech that they fear becoming irrelavent within their own clique if they stray from the script. They will deny logic at every turn, so long as they have grocery money at the end of the week.

I was expecting Sean to start claiming that gays were to blame for this as well.

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