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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The MTV Ball

I despise MTV.

I often ask myself how a channel that rarely - if ever - plays music can still have the word "music" in it's name.

Granted, there are multiple platforms that MTV has. There's the original sibling - MTV2 - as well as a channel targeted specifically at college students ( MTVU ), as well as MTV Jams, MTV Hits, et al. Then, there are all the music channels that MTV owns. It's worldwide.

It's centerpiece channel completely ignores any forward-thinking programming in favor of ratings-boosting-tweeny-nonsene.

MTV is throwing an inaugural ball for President-elect Barack Obama.

The network announced Tuesday that it will host the "Be the Change Inaugural Ball" at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington on Jan. 20. The event will be televised live across MTV's many channels and platforms, including MTV and

The Viacom Inc.-owned network said the event will feature leading artists, celebrities and government officials. To celebrate the large youth voter turnout in the election, hundreds of young people will be chosen to attend based on their demonstrated volunteerism.

Considering that fact that a massive majority of young voters got out and voted for Obama doesn't mean that all these people watch MTV. So, to malign that voting block with the channel that hasn't had barely anything on the air of value in over 15 years would be patently unfair.

It will be interesting to see who they have on as guests. Are we going to have to sit through lip-synched duets between Britney Spears and Taylor Swift? Is there going to be horribly choreographed dance numbers to remixed patriotic music. I can already hear the right-wing stuff-shirts gearing up for this one. I'm sure they'll be getting a lot of miles out of that thesarus they keep next to their laptops.

Who knows. This could be a really enjoyable evening that shows that MTV still has something relevant to offer and it took something like this to bring it out, or this will be just another chance for Kanye West to make as ass out of himself.

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