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Monday, November 24, 2008


Fans of Ferris Beuler will understand the title.

There seems to be a theme that is threading itself through many of my posts lately. Let's see if you can figure it out.

Ben Stein is practically born into economics. His father was an economist and Ben majored in economics at Columbia.

Neil Cavuto should be - according to the seemingly unspoken philosophy of Fox"News" -completely disqualified from hosting Your World ( Fox's "premiere" business show ) and being the practical star of the Fox"Business" channel. The reason being, the Neil was a White House intern during the Carter administration and worked for PBS for 15 year and was, at one point, the NY bureau cheif.

If you know anything about Fox's viewpoints on public television and what they think of Jimmy Carter, you'll find more than just a slice of irony in what Cavuto allegedly does.

But, to put it into better perspective ( or as the guys and gals at Fox would say - CONTEXT ) take a look a this:

Now, considering Stein's distain for liberalism, and anyone with progressive ideals, it's interesting to note how easily he says that a "bailout" is necessary. The reason being, that Cavuto, and everyone like him, associates the "bailout" with liberal and progressivism.

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