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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Taking His Rhetoric And Going Home

Seems that Rand Paul is considering not participating in the final debate with Jack Conway.

Republican U. S. Senate nominee Rand Paul said Monday he is “not sure” if he will participate in an Oct. 25 debate on Kentucky Educational Television with Democratic rival Jack Conway.

Paul, participating in a morning news conference with several veterans in Lexington, said he was disappointed that Conway had ridiculed his religious beliefs in a TV ad over the weekend and he did not know if he wanted to appear in public again with Conway.

Despite that fact that the add is backed-up with verifiable information, Rand is using this as his "get out of being accountable" card it seems.

While Paul has stated that he isn't entirely sure he will appear in public with someone who questions his faith, he most certainly has no issue with directly aligning himself with a group of conservatives that continually question the faith of Barack Obama. It would be nice if someone would ask Paul is position on that.

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