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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Historic Position Flexible

Seems that conservatives all over the social media spectrum are leaping to Palin's defense in her "can't party like it's 1773 just yet" gimmick line.

You can find the predictable voices here, and here for the loudest and most ignorant blatherings.

But there is a problem with conservatives claiming that Palin has somehow "one-up'd" her Democratic rivals. That pseudo-clever one liner completely goes against the very reason the Tea Parties formed.

Even as conservatives shout that liberals don't know that the Boston Tea Party happened in 1773, Sarah Palin herself had to tell the mouth agape throng in Reno that that's when it happened, as an obvious set-up to them responding to what would ultimately be a poorly conceived delivery.


Then here's the key video:

Actually, two points here.....

First, Palin tells the crowd that they are winning and that the left doesn't know what to do, then promptly tells them "well, don't celebrate just yet". And that's where the '1773' line bombs.

Not only did Palin have to inform what would likely be most of the crowd of the date - I would have loved to have seen a poll prior to this of Tea Bagger members that were asked to name the date of the only real Tea Party - but she is saying that a movement designed to emulate that moment in 1773 shouldn't be acting that way, that they don't have enough momentum to align themselves with the original Tea Party.

Talk about conflicting messages.

I'm not sure if Palin's writers thought about this or if this was an "off the palm" delivery moment that Sarah didn't put full thought into. Did she think that making a reference to her easily lead followers newly idolized moment in American history and a classic Prince tune would make her look "cool"?

In the end, Palin's supporters look just as foolish - if not more so - than those that jumped at the chance to attack her.

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