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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Becks Time And Tides

Beck is nothing more than the screaming man on the street corner shouting incoherently about how "they are coming to get us". Conservatives can dress up his conspiratorial blathering as intellectual research and reportage all they want, but this is probably one of the most - if not THE most - dangerous men on television today.

Despite the fact that his rants regarding The Tides Foundation - a lunatic fringe extension of Bill O'Reilly's narrative that George Soros is some grand puppet master of liberals - were the admitted catalyst of Byron Williams to travel to San Fransisco to kill members of the organization, Beck continues his hate speech with absolutely no proof.

According to the Tides website, they define "progressive" - you know that evil word that Beck has molested since his premiere on Fox"News" - is thus:

We define "progressive" as creating a positive impact on people's lives in ways that honor and promote human rights, justice, and a healthy, sustainable environment.

Beck's "Christian" message - the one that he claimed was the cornerstone of his Restoring Honor rally was about, neverminding the fact that he is a Mormon - apparently has nothing to do with the basic rights of humans, of justice, and even though the modern conservative movement has nothing but apparent disdain for the environment, I'm guessing that the later is the farthest from Beck's mind at this point.

There is a wealth of information included within the Tides site that certainly doesn't reflect the evil, dark, nature that Beck insists they propagate. Then again, the conservative message late has been one of "I" rather than that of community and "loving they neighbor has thyself". What book was that from anyway? Ah, it probably doesn't matter.

Modern conservatives have completely abandoned one of the cornerstones of their belief system: accountability. In place of it, they have implemented what I have often referred to as The Pee-Wee Herman Defense. That is, rather than examining how their rhetoric and ignorance towards a variety of issues have caused the followers of conservativism to become completely disjointed from reality, they throw their hands up and screech "I know you are but what am I!".

Not only that, but they have become so enraptured with what is and what isn't "Constitutional", that they have forgotten that certain things - although they may be Constitutional - do not come without repercussion or response. Chief of which is Freedom of Speech.

While Beck has an indisputable right to say whatever he wants, he simply does not consider the impact of his words. In an attempt to deflect from what we are taught even as children - that our actions far too often have consequences that we have to deal with personally - Beck resorts to this:

I'm trying to figure out why The Story of Stuff is inherently "evil". But let's not forget that Beck isn't the first to try and demonize this program, as Fox"News" tried to paint the film and Annie Leonard as "anti-capitalist". Again, this is a perfect example of conservatives completely ignoring accountability of actions in favor of pushing a poorly constructed narrative.

Beck, along with his fellow Fox"News" employees, are not going to admit that what they do and say has any sort of impact on America - that is unless it gets Republicans elected. And when that first person gets killed because of what they have been peddling, they are going to either ignore it or blame liberals/progressives.

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