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Saturday, October 30, 2010

And Like Clockwork.....

Take a look at this video and "interview" that Fox"Nation" is obviously peddling as a rebuttal to the blatant physical assault on Lauren Valle by a Rand Paul donor.

First, if this man is being choked, why is he finding it so easy to clearly yell.

Secondly, where's the lead-in to this incident?

Oh, that's right, it's been edited out.

If this was such a shocking display of physical force, one would think that the person operating the camera would stick with this to talk to the person "assaulted".

Third, we're meant to take this man at his word as to how the events unfolded after what we saw on camera. And considering not only who is distributing this as proof of "left wing violence perpetrated by", I'm guessing that there was a little pre-interview coaching going on.

Lastly, where's the proof that this man is a member of Yeah, got to rely on specious testimony again.

Chalk this up to another Brietbart "edit moment".

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