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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reality Shifting

Anything to excuse a man from violently assaulting a woman.

At POWIP, video of the girl rushing to Rand Paul's car and, yes, assaulting him, by pushing a placard against his face.

Yes, that's assault and battery. You cannot just reach out and touch whoever you like. Particularly when you're doing so in a menacing manner -- like running up to an open car window while wearing a disguise to hide your appearance.

They allowed her to commit assault once -- how many times should she be permitted to commit? When she rushed him a second time -- her intentions already made clear by the first assault -- should she have been permitted to re-offend?

Let's see this "assault":

This sign never even makes it in the car, so how was he "assaulted". Well, I do suppose that attempting to hand someone a non-lethal piece of cardboard constitutes a terrorist action when it comes to the Tea Baggers.

But more to the point, if Rand truly was assaulted, why didn't he say so in his interview on Fox"News" regarding the incidents of that night?

The more conservatives attempt to deflect from the real crime of the evening, the more that they come off as the unhinged masses they claim the left is.

And where was this "second assault"?

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