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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Glenn Beck: Stigmata Martyr

I think Glenn Beck's megalomania has finally reached a fever pitch.

Check this out.....

So, tests on his hands and feet. Is he experiencing pain in his ribs, like "piercing" pain? Come on Glenn, get off the Cross because some people could really use the wood right about now.

Seems that Glenn is taking a couple of days off for what he claims are "spiritual wounds".

This morning on his radio program, Glenn Beck discussed in more detail some of the physical challenges he’s been facing. Glenn told his audience that he will be taking several days off next week to undergo tests at a hospital “out west.”

On recent broadcasts he’s discussed that he has been having problems with feeling in his hands and feet. Today he explained that “small fiber” issues may be involved but that testing will provide more understanding. “We don’t even know what all of the symptoms are at this point,“ he explained adding that he believes ”physical, mental and spiritual are all tied.“ By ”small fibers,” he was referring to the possibility of a small fiber neuropathy diagnosis. But that is just one possibility among many things that will be considered.

Glenn also said the listeners may have noticed a change in how he sounds on the air. He said he’s been having problems with his vocal cords and that doctors will also be examining this problem.

Glenn talked at length about how the bond he has with his radio audience has been built on a foundation of disclosure and that he felt it was important for him to share as much information as he could, “So that you will understand my mindset."

The shear weight of the hubris this man exhibits would be enough to crush an entire city block in New York. Is this Beck's way of attoning for his idiocy, his exploitative nature, and his blatant falsehoods smearing generations of people? Possibly.

Keep an eye out for conservatives looking to capitalize off of Beck's "medical condition" in relation to healthcare reform and the "compassion" of conservativism. There's easily a weeks worth of Fox"News" programing to be born on the backs of this likely charade.

1 comment:

Kal said...

Sorry Glen. That is what you get for being such a dickhead. Enjoy the karma, bitch. Since you believe that everything that happens is God's will then I guess you really pissed Him off this time and we all know that He is not beyond holding a grudge.

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