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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Keeping Up Appearances

Michelle Malkin's blogging partner Doug Powers and conservative disinformation center First Things are peddling what appears to be a photo-shopped picture in order to attack those that attended the wildly successful Stewart/Colbert rally.

You be the judge:

This will work for conservatives looking to defend their authentically documented instances of signage that not only displays a complete lack of grammar skills but how they are more than willing to go Full Godwin at the drop of a hat.

1 comment:

davidgs said...

Oh FFS, seriously? Well, then we get to use Malkin Math to 'estimate' the attendees. So take 215,000, run it through the Malkin Math Calculatron Machine and ... out pops .. 1,345,000,000 ... damn! That's a big number! But Malkin Math doesn't lie, so 1.345 Billion people on the National Mall it is!

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