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Friday, May 6, 2011

Yes, He Did: Pt. IV - What Will Make Them Happy

When I watched clip last night over at the Right Wing "hate-site" Fox"Nation", it finally became clear to me that it's not Obama that's making the successful killing of Bin Laden about him, it's the Modern American Right that's making it all about Obama:

I'll get back to how this "breaking news" is more about Fox's/The Right's own agenda than about what actually happened that day in New York.

Moreover, I seriously question the validity of Debra Burlingame's version of her encounter with Obama, considering her personal disdain with our President.

And while some will say that it's not right to question a woman that lost so much on Sept. 11th 2001, I feel that it's only intellectually honest to do so based on her preconceived notions of who Obama is and what he has done. After all, he gave the "go-ahead" order that lead to the death of the man that was responsible for the death of her husband.

But more on that portion of the story later.

While the Modern American Right remains to be unmoved by the implications of what has happened over the course of the last two weeks - that Obama has proven has was born in America and has brought down the most wanted terrorist in the world - I have to ask what else he has to do that will make them understand that his presidency is more of a success than the Bush Administration.

Considering the metric by which the Modern American Right operate, the bar is set so high that no one - not even someone they have deified - would be able to claim such a title.

Not Palin, not Trump, not Bachmann, no anyone.

Why is that?

The truth, despite what the Modern American Right will insist upon reads as such:

Obama must be impeached or defeated in the General Election.

And while I am given pause to relate the third and final prerequisite for Right Wing happiness, it shouldn't be ignored that some within their ranks openly and unflinchingly pray for his own death.

Anyone remember the Death Prayer movement?

Again, what does this man have to do?

Walk on water?

Cure the sick with a touch of his hand?

Make NASCAR a more interesting event?

The metric for acceptability lies purely within the hand of the Modern American Right. And no matter what happens, it seems they won't have any of it until he accepts George W. Bush into his heart as his "personal savior".


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