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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Irony Of Right Wing Posturing

Jim Hoft ( also known as GatewayPundit - or the "Dumbest Man On The Internet" ) has a problem with Community Organizing. That is, until it presents an opportunity for him to pretend like he has a soul:

A St. Louis Facebook group was able to organize and deliver 4 semi trailer full of goods to the Joplin, Missouri tornado victims today.

St. Louis for Joplin Missouri Facebook group organized and sent 4 semis full of goods to the Joplin tornado victims today.

The semis left St. Louis this evening for Joplin, Missouri after the charity drive was organized a day earlier on Facebook. They collected 4 semi trucks full of household goods, diapers, sheets, cleaners, water, etc. for the people of Joplin.

So now he's for community organizing? After all, it's not solely about politics. But I guess it's alright for little Jimmy provided they aren't organizing to find affordable housing for low income families who happen to be primarily black.


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