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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Right Wing Entitlement Culture: Pt. I - Hollywood

Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air ( I do so love that name, since it's quite fitting for their subject matter ) is touting a new documentary intended to expose that evil "liberal bias" in film and television:

What does Hollywood really think of conservatives? Ben Shapiro talked to the movers and shakers in Hollywood to find out — and recounts his adventures in his new book, Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV

This is something the Modern American Right love to do - play the role of the ultimate victim in society. This is readily apparent when Morrissey does post like this, as it not only shows how ignorant he is of film narratives but how his definition of "conservativism" shifts to fit a particular time and day.

The real story behind all of this noise and pity party posturing is that the Modern American Right don't want to have to deal with that which they champion most - Free Market Principles. Do they honestly expect studios to produce programming and feature films that don't have an audience that will bring them a profit? Actually, yes, they do. But we all saw what happened when Atlas Shrugged was a giant disaster at the box office, though Hot Air was sure to make excuses for that as well.

Having studied film for the better part of my life, I now that producers and studios can make really bad decisions and end up losing a lot of money, but using the consistent drumbeat of "we are a Center Right nation" that the Modern American Right doles out at every conceivable opportunity, coupled with the fact that the Tea Baggers are somehow "the voice of the people", why do you think Hollywood doesn't make more films like Atlas Shrugged? The answer is quite simple - they don't make money.

With that in mind, one has to ask whether or not this selective love affair with the Free Market travels outside the world of film and television? Does the Modern American Right think that there are business that sell toys, cars, or even food that cater to an exclusively "Far Left" audience? The answer is most likely a definitive yes, considering the group we are discussing.

But what is troubling most of all is how the Modern American Right define "conservativism".

Having grown up on a family farm in Western Kentucky, I saw what true conservativism was. It wasn't predicated on isolating people, but favored the noting that "I am my brother's keeper", as the community helped one another when the time called for it. It was about defending all of America and not just a specific, even fringe, element within it. The broader point is that the Modern American Right have taken the word "conservative" and melded it with "Libertarianism" and "Extremism" and attempting to convince people that this is what makes up a plurality of American thought. The only problem is that this isn't the case, and they will complain until their final breath that they are the target of a malicious attack because the majority won't openly embrace the minority.

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