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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Decision Time

Fox"News" is practically beside themselves over Palin's upcoming "Hey, I'm On A Bus Again" show and how this likely means that she's running for President.

Let's not mince words on this - Palin loves her "celebrity stature" and will not give that up if she doesn't have to. And there are lots of things that Palin would have to give up if she won:

- No more "speaking engagements" where she gets paid above and beyond what anyone of her faux intellectual level should get paid.

- No more "campaigning"; since as we all know, the Modern American Right can't stand it when people "campaign all the time".

- No more "reality TV shows", because she'll have to be making important decisions now rather than trying to pretend that her and her family and just "normal, real, Americans".

- No longer can she be in the employ of Fox"News".

But wait, would she really be giving all that up if she did win? Do you think Fox"News", talk radio, and her drooling sychophants would let her?

I'm not going to convince myself that she isn't going to run, nor am I going to be afraid that she would win, since there are enough people within the Modern American Right that will realize that as the days draw closer to election day 2012, that they can't afford to have someone like Palin in the White House.

Sure, she won't be doing it alone - as all Presidents have various advisers and cabinet members - but at the end of the day, this is the woman that quit ( and yes, she quit ) when the political pressure got to her. Obama has had to endure more pressure and specious scandal than Palin could possibly imagine, and he hasn't quit.

As far as myself, I say bring her on. And when she does announce - and she will - we are going to see infighting within the Modern American Right the likes of which no one has seen in a generation - possibly ever.

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