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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dumbest Attack On Obama Yet?

Maybe not, but it's pretty close

Obama could have ordered a drone strike on the US helicopter wreckage at Osama Bin Laden’s compound.
He didn’t. And so last Thursday Chinese officials went to Pakistan to inspect the wreckage of the US chopper held by the Pakistani government.

The Pakistanis don’t want to give it back to the US. They’re upset about the “illegal strike” inside Pakistan.

What Jim Hoft ( aka: Gatewaypundit is referring to is the wreckage of the stealth copter that the Seal Team had to ditch prior to killing the man that George W. Bush simply gave up looking for.

But here's my question, if the SEALs knew they would have to leave the wreckage behind, they surely would have considered the fact that the Pakistani's would enter the compound and at least take a look at it themselves. So, why didn't they blow the wreckage prior to leaving? Was this something considered during the mission and then dismissed as unimportant? Who's to say one way or another.

Why, Jim Hoft, of course.

Also, one has to consider the fact that a drone strike is precisely what Obama didn't want, and sending in a drone after the fact would likely compromise any further plans the Obama administration has regarding Pakistan. Just don't tell that to Hoft, who's obviously an expert in military action.

So here's a question I would pose to Hoft: The next time a piece of awesome military equipment is lost in battle, do we automatically send a "drone" in to scorch the earth and destroy it? Is this for specific pieces of equipment only, or just ones that you think you can use as a pitiful attack against the man who's done a better job than your hero in the fight against terrorism?

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