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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Socialism Bowl : Updated w/ "Last Word" Commentary

Last night's Super Bowl victory by the Green Bay Packers is largely being drowned out by commentary on Christina Aguilera botching a line from the National Anthem ( which every Right Winger in America is naturally taking advantage of - even alluding that they could have performed it better ) to making hay out of a car commercial that aired during the game.

And while the Packs certainly performed well - even getting some unintentional assistance from Big Ben via some poor passing - it shouldn't be ignored that the Green Bay Packers aren't owned by a single entity, but by "the people" :

Since 1923, Green Bay has been the only publicly owned, nonprofit major professional sports team in the nation. And that doesn't just make the franchise a charming anachronism, or the answer to a barstool trivia question.

It makes them an example. A case study. A working model for a better way to organize and administer pro sports.

Namely, through public ownership, a system that could mitigate some of the most irritating ills plaguing our games -- and with little downside, to boot.

The modern American Right are want to breathlessly claim that "Socialism" is evil and will destroy the country they claim to love and cherish. But it seems to have worked for the Packers. And while there is a Board of Directors that are tied to the team, the style of ownership plays a much larger role than most are willing to admit. Is it responsible for their win last night? I think in some small way it is, as the make-up of a team, in any sport, is largely predicated on the decisions of the team owners.

In all, it was a great game. All that's left now is to try to tolerate the complaints and conspiracy theories of all the Steeler's fans at work.


Lawrence comes through...............again

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