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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Memoirs Of An Abstinence Fairy

How in the world can a girl at barely the age of 20 even be considering writing a memoir?

Well, when that girl is Bristol Palin, it's actually expected of you.

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, will soon be able to add "author" to her resume with the release of an as-yet-untitled memoir set to hit bookshelves this summer.

As noted by Political Wire, an Amazon listing for an "Untitled Bristol Palin Memoir" -- in hardcover no less -- has been created, announcing that the 304-page book will be available for a little over $17.

PopEater reported late last year that the 20-year-old mother was exploring a variety of options to cash in on the visibility provided by her successful, but not victorious, run on ABC's hit show, "Dancing With the Stars." Apart from the book deal and speaking engagements -- which no longer include a panel at Washington University's "Sex Week" -- a source also told PopEater that future jobs might include a role on another reality-TV show and as a spokeswoman for a fashion line.

According to the Amazon page, the book will be published by William Morrow & Co for release on June 21.

Interesting to note is that Amazon has removed the link to Bristol's book page. Could this have been due to pressure from the Palin militia? Possibly.

Is Bristol even writing this? Considering that Mama Palin has her Facebook posts written for her, and that every word from this family is carefully scrutinized - not to mention how their damage control team works overtime should they ever go off script - I'm guessing that there's a team of writers cranking out pages that they will bring to Bristol to "review" and then later have her pose for a cover to make it look official.

The larger point is that this is just another piece of Palin-Porn expressly designed to keep their mouth-agape followers thinking they are an important part of the American socio-political landscape, even the "saviors of the future".

At nearly 36, I've had some great adventures, experienced glorious highs and been to the depths of sadness and horror. I've sought out the excitement that life has to offer, tried to learn as much as I can, and had my own measure of "celebrity" at one point or another, but don't even think that my life is so spectacular that I believe it would sell a book. The unchecked hubris of the Palin family is something to marvel at in this regard.

However, I'm not to blind to not realize that being the child of a prominent political opportunist like Sarah Palin has placed you into some very interesting and I would even go so far as to say uncomfortable positions. But then the money starts coming in and people like Sarah and Bristol start to become comfortable with whatever is thrown at them. Soon after, all they had to do was hold out their hand and they could have and do whatever they wanted - or told that they needed.

Look for this book to be launched to the top of the NYT Bestseller list in the same way that all Right Wing tomes make it there - bulk purchases.

So what will the title be?

1 comment:

Kal said...

Title - "The Only People Who Are More Stupid Than Me Are The People Who Buy And Read This Book"

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