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Friday, February 11, 2011

Right Winger Says What?

In which Fox"News" cobbles together a panel designed to create the appearance of "balance" and "knowledge" only to have Micheal Scheuer come up with this whopper of a line at the 1:47 mark.

So, Americans hoping for a Democracy in a foreign country that is primarily Muslim are now labeled "Marxists"? Wait, the modern American Right are now Marxists because of what they wanted for Iraq and Afghanistan?

And this guy was allegedly some "terrorism expert"?

ASIDE: While Scheuer's laughable proclamation stands on it's own as a signifier of precisely how "buzzword crazy" the Right has gone in the last two years, it's almost equally as worthy to note how the modern American Right are worried about Egypt not being sufficiently "secular" while all but demanding Theocratic Rule here in America.


Bartski said...

Typical progressive blather.

What do you base your labeling of Micheal Scheuer as a "Right Winger"? He's a former CIA analyst - so that automatically makes him a "right winger?" I didn't know anything about him until you decided to drag his name through the mud, but after very minimal research, I can safely conclude that he is, although an avowed Republican, not "right-wing " as you refer to it. He's been as open a critic of the Bush Administration policies/actions as he has been of the Obama Administration's. He is against policies that weaken America's security. Does that make him "right wing" in your tiny little mind?

Granted, Micheal Scheuer's use of "Marxist-like" may have been a poor choice of words (I'll bet you were all over Sarah Palin's use of "blood libel" too, weren't you). But if you put it in context, it's easy to see that he was was referring to the tendency of people living under a Marxist regime to have dogmatic faith in the policies their leaders foist upon them. Let's look at the full quote:
"Americans seems to be increasingly Marxist-like in their absolute faith in democracy for people who have never had any experience with the process."

You, sir, are a moron.

aironlater said...

Considering his standpoints regarding the Obama administration - which is precisely why he is in the employ of Fox"News" as an "analyst" - he is well within the confines of the term "Right-Winger".

And yes, let's look at that quote - in context. Not only is Scheuer going against years of Republican ideological posturing, but you are ignoring the blatant and hypocritical nature of his words.

You, sir, should think before you attempt to defend someone.

Bartski said...

As expected, your response was completely devoid of any facts or substantiating arguments.

1) Scheuer doesn't agree with Obama's policies, so he must be right wing. What did that make him when he criticized the Bush Administration's policies?

2) The quote you agreed to consider in context is not Republican Ideology. As has already been established, Scheuer is not a Republican shill (despite your weak attempts to discredit this fact) - so his responses need not toe the Republican Response line. And what's hypocritical about stating that people living under a totalitarian Marxist regime swallow the propaganda that they're force fed about the beauty of communism? Or that the residents of the more-or-less democratic United States believe that anyone who is given a chance for democracy will embrace it over any less enlightened alternative?

3) One of us is thinking, but it's not the person you think it is. Here's a clue, it's not you.

Go ahead, throw out a few more vague contradictions to my logically sound arguments. I would expect no less of you (and certainly no more).

aironlater said...

Let's indeed take a look at why I correctly labeled Scheuer as a Right Winger. His primary task on every program he is featured on is to tear apart the Obama administration in relation to foreign affairs. By that, he's a Right Winger. But your poor attempt to place me into checkmate with the "well, what about Bush" meme du jour that so many of your ilk like to trot out simply when it's convenient falls flat from the very start. The reality is that the modern American Right - even during the closing months of the Bush occupation of the White House - is that Bush wasn't Right Wing enough. See Michelle Malkin for a classic example of this form of socio-political ping pong.

Lastly, we were embroiled in a poorly thought out occupation of Iraq predicated on the precise claim that Scheuer now considered "Marxist thought". If you really need such obvious things pointed out to you, then you're not nearly as clever as you think you are.

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