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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Enjoy The Silence

In the continuing fight to stop H.R.#3, I'm wondering why the prominent female voices within the modern American Right are so silent.

We hear all this talk about "protecting our children" when it comes to taxes, but why is there complete and deafening silence in reference to the GOP/Tea Bagger representatives doing all they can to re-define rape and ultimately do much more?

The Queen Mother of the modern American Right, Sarah Palin, uses her children in every way she and her handlers can conceive. Her daughter is even out on the "no sex" circuit while someone is at home taking care of her toddler - and I'm guessing it's not Grandmama Grizzly, as she is too busy with her to-do list provided from her Fox"News" producers.

All that aside, why is Palin ignoring how this re-definition will harm women? The most likely reason is that it will not directly impact her, and more than likely just about all of the "top shelf" female voices of the modern American Right. Who it will harm are those that the Right refuses to acknowledge even exist, regardless of the legislation in question.

One can't but wonder what it's like to be a female who belongs to and champions a movement that has nothing but abject disdain for the choices of women regarding a variety of issues. No matter what a Republican voter will tell you, the last two groups of people whom are considered when votes are cast are women and minorities. And the sad reality is that there are far more women singing the praises of the modern American Right today than there were back when Bush was still occupying the White House.

Every woman who talks about the merits and "moral relevancy" of H.R. #3 should be challenged and questioned on why they would support such a draconian measure against a woman's very safety. Sadly, these questions will not come from the Right, as the constant chant is "tow the line, no matter who falters".

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