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Friday, March 11, 2011

Randian Logic

The question that Rand Paul seems to be asking is "why can't my house be a Libertarian Home"?

Talk about smug grandstanding.

But let's get right to the heart of this thing - no one is being forced to by a particular refrigerator, washer and dryer, or light-bulb. That, in point of fact, is preposterous beyond measure. And what makes Paul's continued blatherings all the more ridiculous is that he knows this.

Simply go to any store like Lowes, Home Depot, or even Wal-Mart and you'll see a wide range of products that Paul listed in his meandering and laughable false tirade. There is choice for the consumer, but apparently not enough choice for Paul. Which begs the question - what precisely is he looking for?

And in regards to his claim that it's Ms. Hogan's department is responsible for jobs being shipped overseas, I think that Paul should take a look at the companies making those products rather than castigating someone that has no power to remove American jobs - that's a choice of the company.

What's even more mind-numbing about Rand Paul's belief in relation to his choice of toilet or microwave, or any other appliance is this insistence that people will be "fined" or "jailed" if their receipts for purchases don't pass muster with Ms. Hogan. Where is he getting such a claim?

But back to what Paul is really looking for - a Libertarian Home. Let's follow Paul's "logic" to it's ultimate ends.

Without even the most minimal of "regulations" on specific products, appliances like washers and dryers could pose electrical hazards; dish washers could potentially flood your kitchen; refrigerator compressors could fail and then Rand's milk would spoil. He wants a product that meets his own "standards" with complete disregard for product safety and reliability.

Having purchased all the major appliances that a home requires over the past 5 years, I can safely say that I didn't feel pressured to by a particular brand or style - and I wasn't fined and I didn't go to jail. Actually, only two of my appliances are "Energy Star" rated.

But do I have this all wrong? Am I missing Rand's point? Does he even have one or is this more "I'm about to Go Galt and build my own stove" talk that's designed to do nothing more than sound good his fellow members of the Modern American Right?

Exit Observation: What does he mean his "toilet doesn't work"? Does the Paul home smell of poo? His speech certainly did.

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