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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

While Glenn Beck is expecting us to believe that he is giving ramen noodles and bottled water to his extended family for Christmas and Bill O'Reilly talk about Christ and unemployment, there are those of us that know that the bulk of the modern conservative movement aren't concerned with anything but their own edification and how well their turkey or ham is going to be received by their ever spiteful aunt who complains about virtually everything during Christmas dinner.

As I am typing this out, my house is filled with in-laws from Tennessee, two new pups, and kids far too excited to even consider going to sleep later on. There are plenty of cakes, cookies, candies, and pies that will surely add more than a few unwanted pounds before the new year begins.

I hope that all that have taken the time to read my offerings on politics and culture over the past year haven't been to terribly disappointed, as I have enjoyed the comments and challenges that I have been brought here. The next year promises to see this blog expand and become more than it has been of late.

May each of you have a great Christmas day, regardless of your ideological bent.

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