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Monday, December 27, 2010

Gaming Failure?

I had this theory hit me some time ago when conservatives started shouting about how Sarah Palin should run for president.

At that point, I told myself that there wouldn't be nearly enough Republicans ignorant enough to give her the nomination - but then the voices on the Right got louder. Were they really ready to slit their own throats and bleed out just to prove a point? Had the modern conservative movement become the new "Jones Cult", with Sarah as the one telling them when to take the first sip?

It seemed so.

But then some of them started to turn on her when it appeared too much of the constituency was ready to ask for a second cup.

Now, there's a host of Republicans hinting at a run in 2012.

Mitch Daniels

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) told the AP that he will look at other potential 2012 presidential candidates' stance on the federal before deciding whether or not to run himself.

Said Daniels: "We don't know who the field is. We don't know exactly what they'll emphasize and what their depth of conviction and specificity of prescription will be about the problems that are bothering me, specifically the debt iceberg the nation's heading for."

He previously said he will wait until the legislative session is over in April before deciding and told the Indianapolis Star that he's already turning down debate invitations.

Charles Krauthammer tries to play presidential oracle with Bill O'Reilly.

Chris Christie also has a special place in the hearts of the modern conservative movement when it comes to a Presidential run.

Huckabee could fall prey to his own hubris.

Then there's Newt......

.....and the list goes on.

So here's the question - are conservatives diluting the Republican field so much that they are all but assuring that Obama will get a second term?

Considering the fact that they are investing so much time in trying to convince their audience that he is the worst president ever, it appears that they aren't taking into consideration that those they are lauding as better candidates are the ones they should be more concerned about.

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